Hall Of Fame


Requirements and Guidelines for Induction into the HLRSC Hall of Fame


  1. Nominee is required to have raised Holland Lop rabbits for at least ten years.
  2. Nominee is required to have been a member of the HLRSC for at least ten years.
  3. Nominee is required to have served as an HLRSC officer, HLRSC Board member or HLRSC committee member.
  4. Nominee is required to demonstrate activity in a local, state or regional Holland Lop club.
  5. Nominee should have been instrumental in the promotion and improvement of the Holland Lop through successful breeding.
  6. Nominee should have given assistance to others in their quest to raise and show quality animals.
  7. Nominee is required to have been an exemplary showman on all levels.  Sportsmanship, honesty and integrity will all be taken into consideration for induction.  Each nomination will be accompanied by a minimum of three letters of recommendation from HLRSC members, preferably from three different zones or states.
  8. A deceased member may be considered if the above criteria are met.
  9. Nominations must be mailed to the Vice President of the HLRSC and postmarked no later than May 1st.

10.      The Vice President will screen all applications on the above qualifications.  If an application is deemed questionable, the Vice President will consult with the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee must be in majority agreement that the particular candidate meets the above qualifications, before the candidate can be placed on a ballot.

11.      By July 1st the Vice President will mail a first class packet containing the nominations, including letters of recommendation, a return self-addressed stamped envelope, and a ballot to the Executive Board.  The ballot will include all approved nominees as well as the option not to induct any members for that year.  Return ballots must be postmarked by August 1st

12.      If a member of the Executive Board is nominated, that member will not receive a packet containing the nominations and will not vote. The President and Vice president will only be eligible for nomination after they leave office so as not to conflict with their duties while in office.

13.      A tie vote is to be broken by the President.

14.      By September 1st, the Vice President will send the results to the Executive Board.  A nominee must have at least seven executive board votes to be inducted into the HLRSC Hall of Fame.  The Vice President is responsible for purchasing an award with the inductees name and the year they were inducted.  All Hall of Fame members will become a lifetime member of the HLRSC.  This lifetime membership includes first class postage for the Hollander.

15.      Only one nominee may be inducted per year.  It is not a requirement to induct a new member to the Hall of Fame each year.


These definitions are as per our Constitution: 

Executive Committee - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

Executive Board President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors