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Sweepstakes Rules

To All members of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club Regarding the 2009 Sweepstakes Year

First let me apologize for having to write such a notice. As I have mentioned previously, The HLRSC lost a very important part of what kept us going as a club when we lost Linda Pett. Linda's passing was not only very sorrowful on a personal level, but a integral part of our operations were hampered. After her passing, David Pett was very insistent that he be allowed to finish this sweepstake year. The board members that were at convention asked several times if it would be easier for us to locate a new chair to take over this process. David explained that he used a self created program to generate the reports. It was written in DOS and could not be transferred to any other PC without a great cost in both time and possibly money. Although we were very concerned for his welfare he insisted that finishing the year, and that is what Linda would want him to do.

It is obvious that there was some discrepancies with the paperwork David found when he returned home. Unfortunately there have been several other significant events in David's personal life. Due to these events, David has submitted the final report with the comment that he will not be able to make any adjustment. The program is no longer available, and there are no longer paper copies of the reports. There is no feasible way to reconstruct the entire year of sweepstakes.

I am truly sorry that this has happened. Obviously any transition of a sweepstakes chairman is always painful, but the added loss of such a wonderful person have made this even worse. I ask that every one please understand the difficult position we are in. Attempting to contact every single show secretary from last year and requesting another copy of the sanction report, would not accomplish the task since we do not have a record of all sanctions issued. We would not know if we received them all? This would not be a fair way to handle the situation.

I want everyone to know that I understand their frustration. We all work very hard for achieving these goals and it is easy to feel that we are missing the acknowledgement we deserve.

Moving forward, we have engaged a new Sweepstakes chair (Debra Sandoval) and invested in a state of the art sweeps program written specifically with the unique way Hollands keep points. This new program is owned by the HLRSC and will updateable and transferable.

A way everyone of us can help with keeping the 2010 sweeps accurate is to contact your local show secretaries and ensure they have Deb Sandavol's contact information.

I thank you all for your passion towards our breed and for your understanding of such a difficult situation.

Dwayne Scott
HLRSC President