HLRSC Hall of Fame

The HLRSC Hall of Fame was established in 1997 for the purpose of recognizing and showcasing people who have made significant contributions to the Holland Lop breed and its advancement. Hall of Fame inductees are chosen by a selected committee and honored at the annual ARBA Convention. The HLRSC would like to thank and congratulate the Hall of Fame inductees for the impact they have made not only on the breed but also the lives of many fanciers. 


Year Hall of Fame Inductees
1997 Hans Albrecht - WA
1998 Clyde & Doris Jones - TX
2000 Mary Louise Cowan - ME
2002 Chris Zemny - CA
2004  Dwayne Scott - OH
2005  Debbie Vigue - ME
2006 Todd Naragon - IN
2007 Audrey Patriarche - MI 
2008 Jamie Wardlow - IL
2010 Barry Hustins - ME
2011 Allan Ormond - UT
2012 Debra Sandoval - CA
2013 Pandora Allen - VA
2016 Becky Brim-TX
2018 Vi Crowder-TN