Benefits of Joining the HLRSC! 

The Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC), 
a Virginia based 501(c)(7) nonprofit orgniazation, is the primary guardian of the Holland Lop rabbit.  As a member, your vote can help shape Bylaws changes and Breed Standard changes. No other organization’s members care more about the Holland Lop or try harder to protect and improve the breed. The HLRSC is dedicated to the promotion of the Holland Lop through its steadfast committment to providing education aimed to help owners obtain and care for healthy Holland Lops from reputable breeders. Equally rewarding, as an active member, you’ll join a community – with a chance to be involved and develop friendships through volunteer opportunities – all aimed at improving the organization and the breed. 

Please join the HLRSC so you can start sharing the Holland Lop passion with others today!

HLRSC Online Membership

HLRSC Printable Membership Form 

Please note: HLRSC forms are published in a portable document format (PDF). In order to read, complete, and print the HLRSC Membership Application Form from above, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click the icon below to download your FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Tips to complete the PDF form: 

  • Open the form in Acrobat Reader.
  • Place the cursor inside a form field and click to drop the I-Beam cursor into the field to type text or select a checkbox. 
  • After entering text or selecting a checkbox, press tab on your keyboard or use your I-Beam cursor to advance to a new form field or checkbox.
  • When complete, print the form and mail to: 

    Tessa Fraguglia, HLRSC Secretary
    10589 Hillview Road, Windsor, CA 95492-9462

Membersship Questions?
Contact Tessa Fraguglia by phone at 707-480-7471 or email