Hot Weather Tips

by Debbie Hadley

  1. Freeze 2 liter soda bottles and put them in with the rabbit to lay against. They can be frozen over and over again.
  2. Use a soaker hose on the roof of the cage, or wet the ground under the cages with a hose, this will lower the temperature by ten degrees.
  3. Soak a gunny sack (it breaths) and put it in with the rabbit.
  4. Use a fan to promote air movement, but not directly toward the rabbit.
  5. Use ice blocks for rabbits in their cages to lay on or lay by.
  6. If all else fails, take the rabbit from the outside to a bathtub lines with newspapers. It is the coolest place in the house, and the rabbit can't get out, and the tub is easy to clean.

HLRSC Official Guidebook - 5th Edition 2002