Bun Landers - Spraying Buck

by Sharon Kuehn

Dear Bun Landers,

I have a young buck that likes to spray me whenever I walk by his cage, especially at feeding time. I don't have to tell you how disgusting that is. When talking to other breeders about this problem, some tell me that they immediately cull the rabbit and others tell me to breed him to more does. What advice should I take and do you have any other suggestions?

Wet'n Wild in Detroit

Dear Wet 'n Wild,

One suggestion: Wear rain gear and protective goggles when making your feeding rounds! Seriously, spraying is a reaction usually by aggressive bucks, who have nothing but breeding on their minds, and want to attract attention and identify their territory. The reason the problem seems to occur during feeding is due to the increased movement within the barn causing anticipation which stimulates territorial behaviors such as spraying. Culling the offender only serves to reinforce ignorance on the part of the manager. Another suggestion is to house the sprayers in lower cages so they get your feet instead of your head. The best advice you received was to breed the buck to more does, especially does that are difficult to breed. By keeping the little rascal busy, he may be too tired to aim and fire!

HLRSC Official Guidebook - 5th Edition 2002