Bun Landers - Nest Boxes

by Sharon Kuehn

Dear Bun Landers,

I am a new breeder and want to know what should I use to put in a nest box, so that my does will make a good nest?

Snug as a Bug in Fargo

Dear Snug,

I start with a wood nest box which is cut of 3/4 inch plywood. I find wood cooler in the summer and warmer in winter than the commercially available metal boxes. Line the floor of the box with an absorbent material, such as Dry Nest, pine shaving or shredded paper. Do not use cedar shavings. Add a large handful of soft grass hay such as timothy or marsh hay if available. Plain straw also works. Hollow out a spot in the hay at the back of the box with your fist. This will encourage the doe to burrow there. I always keep extra fur for emergencies such as a stingy doe in the middle of the winter.

HLRSC Official Guidebook - 5th Edition 2002