Basic Guidelines

by Susan Weaver, TX

FOOD: To Feed or Not to Feed
When you first get started you will ask everyone who will stand still about feed. I have heard of feeding everything from bacon to comfrey. I have found that most of the old breeders try to raise a rabbit that will do well on a good fresh basic rabbit pellet & water with a possible supplemental grain.  Most breeders want to raise a hardy, meaty, health, prolific, trouble free rabbit that can genetically pass on these features. If you have to medicate & supplement too much, you are working too hard. Also always keep your feed in dry covered containers.

CLEANING: Clean, Clean, Clean, YES - CLEAN
I have found this guideline doesn't change. Cleanliness & ventilation are two of the most important things that you can give your rabbits. Removing the poop and urine on a regular basis is very important. Ammonia & odor in the barn are detrimental to rabbits & can cause an enormity of problems from respiratory to flies carrying germs. I recommend a stringent cleaning program with a good odor removing produce and disinfectant. This includes cleaning the cages, pans, feeders and watering containers, and scrubbing walls & removing hair & webs from cages.

HLRSC Official Guidebook - 5th Edition 2002