Official Website of the
​Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club

The website is in a huge transition right now.  I would personally like to apologize for the lack of information/communication recently.  We are working on an In-site Store along with a more user friendly, mobile friendly site. 

If you have suggestions for the site, email

MEMBERS: Please send us an email if you would like to be listed on the website "Breeders Page". Include your name, rabbitry name, location, a form of contact and any other information you would like listed. If you are not a member of the HLRSC you will NOT be listed.

Send info to:

Stop by and check out the Store!

Merchandise and Memberships Available.  We are still working out a few bugs with the membership sales but, as long as you include your information as requested, your purchase will be processed.

Please share this flyer with all your local show secretaries.

Revised 10/20/15